Universal studios. Amusement park for adults

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And indeed, few adults like to take pictures with life-size puppets, ride on the carousel and jump on the trampoline. Most parents consider visiting such parks as an unpleasant duty, and childless children generally try to avoid such institutions. But out of an infinite number of child-oriented amusement parks, one brand stands out for adults. The Universal Studios network was created as an analog of Disneyland for those who have long gone from the age of Mickey Mouse and fairy princesses. Here, adult visitors can not only ride crazy roller coasters and 3D rides, but also learn how the scenery and special effects were created for famous films: “The Mummy”, “Jurassic Park”, “Transformers”, and, of course.

The slides in the parks of the Universal network have growth restrictions, and the plots of some attractions (for example, “The Mummy” or “The Walking Dead”) are not suitable for children, so there are not so many young guests in these pairs. But for adult visitors, Universal has several advantages compared to other, more children’s parks. For example, for an additional fee, you can buy the opportunity to visit all the attractions without waiting in line, and alcohol is sold in restaurants and cafes in the park.

Universal Park in Orlando consists of two parts – the original Universal Studios Orlando and later built Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Together with Universal City Walk, they are part of the Universal Orlando Resort covering an area of ​​almost 340 hectares. The two parks are connected by a monorail designed for the Hogwarts Express train from Harry Potter, which carries passengers from Hogwarts Castle in the Islands of Adventure to Kings Cross Station, located in the old part of the park. However, you can go from one park to another on foot, they are located very close by. Feel free to buy a combined ticket to visit two parks at once, it is quite realistic to get around them in one day if you arrive early. And if you have the opportunity to visit only one park, then keep in mind that the highest roller coasters are located in the new part, and the old part with its Hollywood theme is more suitable for moviegoers.

But a true paradise for connoisseurs and connoisseurs of blockbusters, this is, of course, Universal Park in Los Angeles. It is located in Hollywood, on the territory where the real Universal Studios were once located. Hollywood Universal also has huge roller coasters, real and virtual attractions, numerous performances and shows. But what really distinguishes this park from a number of others is the unique attraction “Tour of the movie studios.” During an hour-long excursion, you can see the real scenery and props from famous movies and TV shows, such as War of the Worlds, Desperate Housewives and Back to the Future, find out how special effects for the movie were created and take part in the disaster in New York subway!

Osaka Park is an almost complete copy of Universal Studios in Orlando, but, unfortunately, there are no scary rides there – “Dragon Ride” from the world of Harry Potter and a slide based on the Hulk comics. But a ticket to a Japanese park is much cheaper, and according to eyewitnesses, the local audience is much calmer, so by the end of the day, you will not have a headache. If you are near Osaka, be sure to check out!

Universal Studios Singapore Park is quite small, almost half the size of Japan, but very saturated. Here, in a relatively small area, there are more than 10 attractions and slides. During the construction of the Singapore park, the creators decided to move away from the standard Universal brand scheme, when all the attractions are designed to resemble the scenery for the respective films. Here, “Revenge of the Mummy” and “Jurassic Park” were created on a larger scale and better detail than in other network parks, and rather resemble a real Egyptian tomb and the lost world inhabited by dinosaurs than a Hollywood fake.

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