10 amazing buildings in Asia

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If, after traveling to a country, we don’t have photos of beautiful buildings — train stations, museums, skyscrapers, and office centers — it seems like we didn’t come. For those who are traveling to travel in Asia, we have selected 10 of the most amazing buildings that you must see and photograph:

1. The Solar Ark ( Japan )

The largest solar battery in the world is located, as it should be, in the Land of the Rising Sun. The largest solar energy monument that has ever existed was built in Japan in 2001 in the city of Gifu. The shape of the power plant resembles the bend of a samurai sword. For a year, the battery produces over 600 thousand kilowatt-hours, according to this indicator, the monument can compete with a small power plant. If you are in the city of Gifu and are going to visit the Ark, come in the evening. After sunset, 77 thousand multi-colored LEDs that resemble an army of fireflies turn on on the facade of the building.

2. Office Center Guangzhou-Yuan (China)

The highest reinforced concrete bagel in the world is located in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The height of the Guangzhou-Yuan office center is 138 meters. This is almost the height of the Leningradskaya Hotel on the Square of Three Train Stations in Moscow. Guangzhou-Yuan stands next to the river (whose name will still not say anything to the Russian ear) and its reflection forms the number 8. Or an infinity sign. Which, however, doesn’t matter – both are considered a symbol of good luck in China.

3. House Robot Building (Thailand)

The relatively low, only twenty floors, bank building in the business center of Bangkok is more dear to the Russian eye than to any other. The fact is that the building resembles its appearance a robot from the animated film “Wait a minute!”. The one who chased the wolf with a hammer.


On the head of the robot, that is, on the roof of the building, there are two lightning rods, they are also antennas. Two huge windows replace the eyes, the role of the eyelids is performed by steel blinds. Unless the robot lacks hands.

4. House Piano and violin ( China )

Few buildings are being built for the sole purpose of attracting tourists. In 2007, in the Chinese city of Huainan, the architects of the Piano and Violins did just that: they came up with a landmark that put the city on a world map.

And although the scientific and exhibition center is located inside the “piano”, which is made of black tinted glass, there can be no other practical value other than attracting curious travelers near the building with this shape. The construction copes with the task with a bang: to look at the giant musical instruments (they are made on a scale of 1 to 50), tourists come to Huainan from all over the world.

5. The Ring of Life ( China )

Another building that local authorities built to attract attention to the city. The giant steel orbit, located in the Chinese city of Fushun, is called the “Ring of Life” and is a 170-meter ring. There are no rooms inside, there is only an observation deck, to which there is a high-speed elevator who wants to. At night, twelve thousand multi-colored LED lamps are lit on the building. The spectacle is impressive.

6. Elephant House (Thailand)

In almost all Asian countries, it is generally accepted that the elephant brings good fortune to the house. In Thailand, the relation to the elephant is special: it is a national animal. For a Thai, put a porcelain figurine of an elephant in a house on a shelf, as in Russia, hang a horseshoe over a door. Probably every Thai would like to work in a building whose outlines follow the contour of an elephant.


Elephant House is located in Bangkok and consists of three towers. On the right edge of the building, tusks-balconies grow and two huge round windows – eyes, without blinking.

7. Tropical Park “Gardens by the Bay” ( Singapore )

The most beautiful landscape park in the world is located in Singapore. The vertical park is located on eighteen giant structures in the form of trees with a height of 25 to 50 meters. Tropical plants with rare species of vines and ferns intertwine with structures of iron rods and concrete. With the onset of darkness, the “trees” are illuminated with multi-colored lights. Between buildings, without going down to the ground, you can cross over bridges and overpasses, admiring the water gardens.

8. Petronas Towers (Malaysia)

If you once get lost in the center of Kuala Lumpur, raise your head and look up. Find the Petronas Towers in the sky. Head towards the towers – all the most interesting there. The Malay Twin Towers, the Petronas business center, like the tallest tree in the desert, at the same time play the role of a landmark and serve as a point of attraction for all living things. Although the towers are not geographically located in the center of Kuala Lumpur, the business and entertainment center of the city is around them. The top of each tower in section draws the outline of a Muslim eight-pointed star – Islam in Malaysia is the state religion.

9. Menara (Malaysia)

There are two ways to see the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, from a bird’s eye view. First: climb the Petronas towers, or rather the bridge connecting the two buildings. But for this, you have to get up very early and stand a long line at the box office. The second way is much simpler: walk through the city center to the Menard TV tower (15 minutes from Chinatown), pay $ 2 and take the elevator to the observation deck. When choosing a day of the visit, keep in mind that there is no sense in going up to the observation deck in cloudy weather, the city will be hidden in clouds and fog. Wait for a sunny day.

10. Lotus Building ( China )

A water lily, which was lucky enough to move from a swamp to a lake, is called a lotus. Even if this lake was poured specially for her. In such an artificial lake, the Lotus building proudly “floats”, built-in 2013 in the Chinese city of Changzhou. The complex, which houses the cultural center, consists of three giant buds: the architects depicted the three stages of development of the plant, which from a sprout turns into a beautiful flower. To make the lotus of stone, glass, and metal look even more like a real flower, it was lined with hexagonal mosaic tiles in beige and light pink.

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